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  • chemistry


    Gallic Acid (Industrial Grade);
    Methyl Gallate
    Tannic Acid

  • biochemistry


    High Purity Gallic Acid,
    Tannic Acid

  • Electronic Chemistry

    Electronic Chemistry

    Gallic Acid(Electronic Grade);
    Methyl Gallate (Electronic Grade)

  • pharmaceutical


    Gallic Acid(Pharmaceutical Grade)
    Propyl Gallate(Pharmaceutical Grade)

  • additive


    Propyl Gallate(Food Grade FCC-IV)
    Propyl Gallate(Feed Grade)
    Tannic Acid


pursuit of excellence and sustainable operation

Leshan Sanjiang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a technology-based enterprise co-founded by Mr. Xu Zhongyun, a world-renowned forestry scientist, chief researcher of the Southern Research Institute of the Forest Service of the United States Department of Agriculture, and researcher of the Chinese Academy of Forestry Sciences…
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Development of Electronic Chemical Materials in China

The transfer of electronic chemical production capacity to China has become a general trend. Regionally, Asia Pacific, especially China, has become...
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New research progress on gallic acid

1. Anti-tumor effect 1) Inhibit tumor formation; tumor formation is a multi-factor, multi-step, multi-gene mutation process. It is known that many ...
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Chemicals for Semiconductor Processes

Semiconductor manufacturing is largely a chemically related process, with up to 20% of the process steps being cleaning and wafer surface preparati...
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The combination of gallic acid and stretching reduces arthritis inflammation markers in cells

A team led by researchers from Washington State University used gallic acid (an antioxidant found in gallnut, green tea, and other plants) and appl...
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