product information

  • chemistry


    Gallic Acid (Industrial Grade);
    Methyl Gallate;
    Tannic Acid

  • biochemistry


    High Purity Gallic Acid;
    Tannic Acid

  • Electronic Chemistry

    Electronic Chemistry

    Gallic Acid (Electronic Grade);
    Methyl Gallate (Electronic Grade)

  • pharmaceutical


    Gallic Acid (Pharmaceutical Grade);
    Propyl Gallate (Pharmaceutical Grade)

  • additive


    Propyl Gallate (Food Grade FCC-IV);
    Propyl Gallate (Feed Grade);
    Tannic Acid


pursuit of excellence and sustainable operation

Leshan Sanjiang Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. is a tech firm incorporated in the Leshan National High-tech Industrial Development Zone in 2003. Its founder Xu Zhongyun is a world-renowned forestry scientist and Chief Researcher of the Southern Research Institute of the USDA Forest Service. Made from China’s forestry specialties–Galla Chinensis and natural product Tara sourced from Peru, our products include Gallic acid series of products, used in pharmaceutical intermediates, electronic chemicals, food additives, etc.

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The development of electronic grade gallic acid

The development of electronic grade gallic acid in the electronic chemistry industry has been a hot topic in recent years. With the rapid developme...
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Methyl Gallate in Semiconductor industry

Methyl Gallate is a chemical compound that has been used in the semiconductor industry for many years. It is a white crystalline solid with a melt...
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Gallic acid has a wide range of applications in the electronics industry

Gallic acid is a naturally occurring organic compound that has a wide range of applications in the electronics industry. It is a polyphenolic comp...
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The development of electronic chemistry in China

The shift of electronic chemical production capacity to China has become the general trend. Regionally, the Asia-Pacific region, especially China,...
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