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About Us

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Our advantage

1,Cooperate with the Chinese Academy of Forestry, Nanjing Forestry University, Northeast Forestry University and other colleges and universities to continuously develop forest product deep processing projects
2,The team has undertaken a number of major national and ministerial research projects, and obtained a number of scientific and technological achievements and patents
3,Well-known domesticScientific and technical personnel of pharmaceutical and biochemical product research and development

The company will adhere to the concept of "pursuit of excellence and sustainable operation".


Research and Development

The newly developed revolutionary technology completely solves the difficulties of traditional craftsmanship






Pursuit of excellence and sustainable operation

Contribute to the development of the economy and the advancement of industrial technology

Application Scenarios

Semiconductor electronic material manufacturing Gallic acid(Electronic grade)

Food additives Propyl Gallate(Food grade FCC-IV)

Raw material ,Intermediate Gallic acid(Industrial grade)

Anti-cancer drugs Gallic acid(Pharmaceutical grade)